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The final part of our project is to curate 4 window displays in the town of Blaenavon, on themes that will celebrate and promote positive community action in Blaenavon.

The Themes of the windows are:

Habitats to Happiness

Celebrating the Outstanding Landscape that surrounds Blaenavon, and all the activities that can be undertaken in it to promote health, happiness and wellbeing.

Community kick-backs – celebrating the people and volunteers in our town

Blaenavon has a long history of giving back to others. This theme will celebrate our community groups coming together, and the amazing volunteering opportunities people can get involved in.

Community Connections – the Hives social of activity in Blaenavon

Looking at the buildings in the town where people come together and learn, grow and development, what they can do today.

Physical wellness and personal growth in Blaenavon

Looking at sports and physical recreation through the ages and what’s on today. The sports clubs that are in place, where they have come from and what they give the town and the people in it.

Look out for the window display in the Autumn of 2024!

The windows will highlight past positive action, while promoting current positive action within the community, and where people can get further involved. It will also promote the positivity charter and have the QR code on the display.