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We want you to be our next Digital Champion!

“What’s a Digital Champion?” you ask? Well, a Digital Champion is someone from our local community who follows our Digital Charter, to create a nice online environment for Blaenavon.

As a Digital Champion, you will also commit to advertise the town, as well as the events taking place to spread positivity. This project also focuses on improving mental health within the community, which we will achieve by promoting and completing kind and positive actions and activities.

You can assist us in doing this by posting and sharing online the positive thing happening all the time in our town.  Some of the rules you would commit to would include, using social media to promote our town and the positivity surrounding it, supporting and pushing local businesses online and avoiding spreading or posting fake news about Blaenavon and the people living here. In terms of business, you will use social media to promote inclusivity and make sure everyone is treated equally, while also not using social media to demonize young people or group all their actions as negative.

If you’re interested in the lucky opportunity to become a Digital Champion, you can find us at ‘whyouthambassadors’ on Instagram, or you can use the QR code which will send you directly to the World Heritage Youth Ambassadors website.

We look forward to accepting you into our new Digitally positive world!

(Written by D.Morse-Volunteer)

Read the digital charter

I will use my social media to promote our town and the positive things in it.

I will be kind towards others online.

I will not post fake news about Blaenavon.

I will not spread rumours about people online.

I will speak appropriately towards others.

I will not be a keyboard warrior.

I will make sure what I post is readable and polite to all ages.

I will post positivity about the town and the people.

I will support and promote our local businesses online.

I will not use social media to demonize young people or brand all young people’s actions as negative.

We will use our social media to promote our town in positive ways.

We will help bring young and older people together through promoting cross generational content.

We will promote inclusivity for everybody and treat everyone online fairly.

We will support and promote Blaenavon local businesses online.

We will advertise the town and its events and activities on our social media accounts.

We will promote positive actions taken by community members in the town.

We will post positive messages about our town.

We will share our knowledge and positive experiences with young people.

We will not use social media to demonise young people or brand all young people’s actions as negative.

We will not gossip online or use stereotypes.

How do I get involved and become a champion?

Read the Charter above (individual or organisational)

Click on the link to the sign up and fill in the form to agree to be a champion. By agreeing to sign up, you are agreeing to share your name to our list of champions.

Start posting online and sharing positive things using the hashtags below, and tagging us in.

Once you have posted your first post with a hastag– contact us for your sticker, or collect it from the Hwb Torfaen.

Watch the video about the Digital Charter


Data notice

No data is collected or stored, except a name for the digital champion, which will be shared on our Digital Champion list, publicly available via this website. By signing up, you are agreeing to share your name to the list.

Don’t forget to tag us in! @Whyouthambassadors




Don’t forget to tag us in!  @Whyouthambassadors.