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Supporting Professionals
Supporting Professionals
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Supporting Professionals

While Young People aged 13-25 are a major human resource for development and key agents for sector change and technical innovation, we know that adults working with this group need support and training to capitalize on this, despite a willingness to do so.

Consultation with our partners, local communities and professionals working within World Heritage Sites told us that there was a lack of confidence, and in many cases, skill to engage with the teenage years,

One of the core objectives of the World Heritage Youth Ambassadors is to ensure that all young people are supported by the adults who work alongside them. For us this means that adults working with young people within the World Heritage Sector are trained and able to use youth work techniques and principals to appropriate and positively engage young people.

To support professionals and communities, we offer training, an online World Heritage learning and engagement network of peers, and opportunities to work alongside us, often funded, to deliver work based on our model of engagement. We know that when the adults around young people feel confident in their own abilities to engage them, young people thrive, and so their voice becomes better represented in the sector.

World Heritage Youth Ambassadors Apprentices
World Heritage Youth Ambassadors Adult Training

Adult Training

We know that trained adults who work with young people within World Heritage Sites are better able to support Young people to increase their wellbeing, have a voice and influence change.
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WH:UK Learning and Engagement Network

The World Heritage Learning and Engagement Network is an online network, hosted under the Umbrella of World Heritage: UK is an open network of professionals, organisations and individuals involved in work relating to learning and engagement within World Heritage Sites.
World Heritage Youth Ambassadors Safeguarding


The safety, wellbeing and welfare of all our young people is our top priority.